Tuesday, May 3, 2011

URL: Easy Ear Training

I want to share a link with you of a site that is definitely worth the read! Easy Ear Training is a UK-based software development company that specializes is music education and music training. Not only do the offer apps for musical development, but they offer a lot of really interesting posts on a range of topics. They keep track of the latest in music technology, perception/cognition, and related news as well as teach techniques for guitar and other instruments. My favorite posts are the Music and Life series that directly relates to us as music therapists. You will also find links on their resource page to a other awesome sites.


Please read! I found articles on recent Ted talks, research studies, music technology for people with disabilities, and child development. A big thank you to the site as well for adding Beyond the Music to their list of resources!

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  1. Another useful resource is the Ear Training Radio http://www.eartrainingradio.com