Thursday, November 11, 2010

Digestion song to the tune of "I'm Yours"

My great friend Andrew (MTI in the ATL) has had me dig up a song I wrote around this time last year. For one semester, I worked with a doctoral student who was writing her dissertation on music therapy and weight loss in elementary school students. One of the goals of the practicum was to teach the students about nutrition.

For this, I wrote a song that described the digestive system and how the food you eat travels through your body. The thing that made it successful was the fact that I "piggy-backed" a popular song. This is a lesson that you can take with you into any practicum, internship, or job. If ever you are writing songs for a session or facilitating a songwriting activity, it is very effective to write lyrics using a well-known melody. In this case, the popular song was "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.

I'm feeling sentimental...

I'm amazed that I have just 3 weeks left of my internship. It will be difficult to move on because I've had such great experiences at the BHC. I am so thankful to my supervisor and the staff, all of which felt more like family than coworkers. I have met great people-patients included-that I look forward to seeing everyday. Spending hours a day with them will be what I miss most about my internship. The lessons I have learned will stay with me throughout life. I am truly grateful.