Sunday, April 25, 2010

Introducing... Me

It is my guess that not many people will search my archives far back enough to read this first blog post. But for those of you that are reading this, I want to start with a very introductory post that explains who I am and why I am blogging. Here is the short version.

I am currently a music therapy student at Florida State University. I finished my last undergraduate class just forty-eight hours ago. (!) For the next three weeks, I will be enjoying my summer days between my parents' home and my own apartment in Tallahassee. Then, beginning May 17th, my summer vacation will abruptly end and I will become an intern at the Behavioral Health Center of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

I am beginning this blog now as a resource for fellow music therapy students. As part of my senior project required as an undergraduate, I want to create a place where students (and professionals) can go for intervention ideas, songs, music therapy news, advice, and anything else music therapy-related. I intend for this blog to have something for everyone. Where I can transfer ideas to cover multiple populations, I will. It is my goal to get a lot of information in one place, something I always searched for in the days of my undergrad.

That said, help me by sharing ideas, opinions, and suggestions for future posts. I hope that this will become a valuable tool for my fellow therapy students, and something that will extend beyond a senior project.

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  1. This is Beautiful Michelle!! Really great material!