Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hospice v. palliative care

Music therapy is a valuable tool in hospice care and palliative care. These types of care focus on improving a person's quality of life by reducing pain and increasing comfort. However, it wasn't until my practicum that I realized that there was a difference between the two, let alone what that difference was. If you don't already know this information yourself, read below. You'll impress your practicum/internship supervisor when you can talk smart about these two methods of care.

1) Hospice patients are deemed terminally ill with an estimate of less than six months to live.
2) Generally, patients in hospice care have made the decision to end curative (life-prolonging) treatment.

1) Palliative care can be provided to a patient at any time during their illness.
2) Patients may continue to receive life-prolonging medicines and treatment while in palliative care.

Both hospice and palliative care can occur in hospice centers, patients' homes, nursing homes, and hospitals.

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