Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project

You may have recently seen Pepsi's commercial on TV for the Refresh Project. People are submitting their ideas for people to vote on throughout the month of May. On June 1st, Pepsi will award a grant to the most voted-for ideas: 2 grants at $250,000; 10 grants at $50,000; 10 grants at $25,000; 10 grants at $10,000.

This month, a music therapist has submitted her idea to provide bedside and group music therapy to children in Denver's hospitals. Please, if you have read this entry, go now and vote for Valerie.

If you're really dedicated, vote once each day in the month of May. It's really easy to sign in if you sign in through Facebook or Twitter. I would really like to see this idea happen not only for the patients in Denver, but because I hope it will gain respect for our profession and help us in the long run.

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