Saturday, June 26, 2010

Could iTunes & Amazon be dealing...drugs?

I read a very interesting article that talks about MUSIC being used to get "high." The effects of "digital drugs" have been compared to the chemical effects that actual illegal drugs have on your brain.

There is an I-Doser software available that allows you access to different tracks like "peyote," "alter-x," and "first love." It works on the idea that on biaural beats in which two different frequencies are played. The article I read explains, "The mind creates a hum that's a balance between the two."

There is a lot more interesting information about I-Dosers in an article put out by the Seattle Times. The I=Dosers software is available on, and tracks can be found on iTunes and Amazon.

There is a lot of skepticism out there about whether these biaural beats can actually have chemical effects on your mind. But all the same, there is a lot of concern out there. Some are worried that digital drugs can be the gateway to illegal drugs.

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