Monday, June 14, 2010

Three bears with a beat

I really love this activity! I first heard it from Darcy Walworth in our Music Therapy Lab class. It is perfect for young children. For each character in the rhyme, there is an action/sound/facial expression:

Papa bear: Hold hands up as though they are claws/"Rawrrrr," low-pitched growl/teeth bared, nose wrinkled, eyebrows furrowed.
Mama bear: Hold hands up with palms out, wiggle hands/"Ahhh!"High-pitched scream (not a real scream, please)/mouth open in surprise, eyes wide
Wee bear: Fold arms, shrug shoulders, hunch over/"Hmph," little-kid grunt/lip pout, eyebrows furrowed

At the request of the website owner, I will not copy/paste the rhyme here. However, here is the website. Pat knees in a moderate tempo. Each word with (parenthesis) is a downbeat.

Use this activity to work on emotions, facial affect, and listening skills.

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