Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Five: Art Therapy Blogs

I know, I know... what are we doing talking about art therapy in a music therapy blog??

I have been lucky to work with some art therapists and art therapy interns during my time here at the BHC. I really should have made a post regarding art therapy much sooner, because it is a very cool thing to collaborate with art therapists in session. Even without an art therapist to collaborate with, there is much we can learn from the field. Today's Friday Five is a list of top-rated blogs that pertain to the art therapy world. Art therapy is very different from music therapy, but I challenge you to learn from these sites and incorporate some art therapy techniques in your session while still using music. For some clients, the therapeudic value can be greatly increased after putting time into creating something tangible.

1. The Healing Arts
2. Creative Everyday
3. Adventures in Art Therapy

4. Turning Turning
5. Paint Cut Paste

For more top art therapy blogs, visit this website.

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