Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Activity! I Can Transform Ya

How do you entertain adolescents who have a preference for gangsta rap and selling weed?

Lately I've been volunteering at a secondary school here in Tallahassee. The students there all have IEPs with behavioral and emotional goals. Many of the students go to this school after being expelled from public school. Curse words fly, and students are often being marked with "disrespects." Some of the students have problems not only with school, but also at home and with the law.

More than anything, this population is one that needs extra attention. Of course, music therapy is a great way to teach proper self-expression and appropriate social interactions. But what do I do when I am clearly out of place in the classroom?

This activity worked very well with the students. Many of you may recognize the activity, the concept is not mine. However, the activity sheets I am providing a link to are ones that I created and you are welcome to use!

Both of these links will take you to, where you will find the
I Can Transform Ya task analysis &
I Can Transform Ya activity sheets

The video below is the song that I used for the group I mentioned above. Of course, it could be done with a wide range of populations. See the task analysis for more about that.

I want any activities I blog about to be useful and accessible to all MTs. If you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL regarding how to implement the activity, how to create music sheets of your own, problems using the sheets I provided, etc., please ask! I will be more than happy to help at any time, even if you send me an email or comment months after this post.

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