Sunday, May 8, 2011

Music therapists take a supporting role

Tallahassee MT’s went to the movies tonight! After anticipating its release to theaters and reading several movie reviews on other MT blogs (MT Maven & MTI in the ATL), we finally saw the film, The Music Never Stopped.

It has been said before that the movie is not about music therapy. I had to remind myself of this as I watched. It is about a father’s attempt to rebuild a relationship with his son following the son’s loss of his short-term memory. Yes, music therapy plays an enormous role in this process, but the music therapist is nothing more than a supporting character.

As I watched, I realized how closely this reflects our profession in reality. We may play the lead role in our own lives, but when we interact with others, we are never anything more than the supporting character. Just as in the movie, music therapy is a practice through which great things are achieved. We are simply in a client’s life to facilitate the plot - improving his or her quality of life.

In short, it is never about us. Music therapy is about the wonderful people we work with. We are only there to connect the dots and help a person make things happen…

We come into a person’s life to enhance it, never to star in it.


  1. Very nicely put! I'm hoping the film will finally get out to the masses soon. I'm looking forward to seeing it at long last.

  2. I hope it gets to your region soon! This will be one we'll have to look for on DVD.

  3. I noticed it's coming to Allentown, PA, but that is a bit of a haul. DVD it'll have to be.