Monday, May 3, 2010

Draw me a song

If you're stuck on ideas for a good activity for a large group, you may be closer than you think to the perfect session plan. It will require some creative thinking on your part, but consider adapting board games or party games to involve music. An example that I have used in my own practicum sessions is Music Pictionary.

Whiteboard or chalkboard
Dry erase markers or chalk
Strips of paper with songs written on them
iPod with all songs

Task Analysis:
1. Split group into two teams. Have each team come up with a name (you may choose to give them a category for their name, e.g. desserts).
2. Choose a team to go first, then ask that team for a player to draw first.
3. Have the player choose a song by picking a strip of paper at random. Make sure all the songs you write down are appropriate to the group.
4. The player will go to the board and begin drawing as the team guesses the song (no talking allowed from the person drawing!). If you choose, time the round at about 60 seconds.
5. If the player's team guesses the song within the time allotted, that team receives a point. If the player's team cannot guess correctly within that time, the opposing team will be allowed one guess at the song. If they guess correctly at this point, that teams wins the point.
6. Play the song by iPod as you continue the game.
7. Repeat steps 3 through 6, alternating between teams.

Extensions & adaptations:
a) The team that guesses the song can also receive a point for guessing the artist. You may also choose to give points if your clients will tell you one interesting fact about that song (for example, "Stairway to Heaven" was the theme of their high school prom).

b) If it is not appropriate to your group, do not worry about creating teams and keeping points.

c) Other games that may be adapted similarly include Charades, Cranium, and Catch Phrase. All of these have different rules and materials that you will have to look into if you want to incorporate them into your session.

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