Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free sheet music @ Kididdles

For me, a perfect music therapy world would be one where all sheet music were available online for absolutely free. I would never again have to sort through so many versions of songs on for all the right chord progressions. I would no longer have to search Google Images for a fraction of a melody line beneath an enormous watermark. Playing melodies on instruments with clients would be a breeze if only I did not have to sit at the keyboard and plunk out all the melodies by ear.

Kiddiddles understands this. For absolutely free(!), users can create a username and password to gain access to dozens of children's songs in the form of song sheets (lyrics but no melodies) and music sheets (lyrics, melodies, and chords).

While I have yet to see a perfect-music-therapy-world-where-all-sheet-music-is-free, this is a step towards it. Yes, the melodies of children's songs may be easily learned by ear. But time saved preparing for a session? I'll take it!

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