Saturday, May 1, 2010

"New Soul" on handbells

Because you can never have too many activities (especially for that adolescent/'tween/teen age), I am posting an activity to get your group playing music together! For this activity, you should download a recording of Yael Naim's song (don't ask me to pronounce that), "New Soul." Also, you will need this document for use in your session.

Just a little info on the document I linked to above: page 1 shows all the colors that come in the handbell set made by Kidsplay and sold at West Music. Inside each colored circle is all the numbers that color should play. Pages 2 and 3 are the lyrics to "New Soul," with numbers written above (as guitar chords are often written).

Handbells (diatonic set of 8 in the key of C)
"Music" for clients (print document available above)
iPod/CD with "New Soul" mp3 (or other item able to play song of choice)
Equipment to play the iPod/CD
Shakers or other small instruments (optional)

Task Analysis:
1. Give bells to clients, assign them a number(s) that corresponds to their handbell's color (see document, page 1).
2. Provide clients with "music" (see document, pages 2 and 3). Instruct them to play when they see their number(s). Some clients will be playing when they see two or three different numbers. For example, the red bell rings when they see the number 1, 2, or 3 in the music.
3. Begin music, prompt clients to play by holding up fingers when it is their turn.
4. Encourage clients to sing along with the music.

Extensions & Adaptations
a) If you ever needed a song in the key of C, this is the one. It is easily transferred to other instruments.

b) If your group is too small to cover all handbell parts, give some clients two handbells to play. If your group is too large, bring shakers for the other clients. Remember to take turns playing the handbells.

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