Saturday, May 22, 2010

Music videos elevate mood

I have officially finished my first week of internship!

I saw a lot of activities this week that I will be sharing throughout this blog's life. Let me share some information about the BHC first. The BHC has four units, one of which is a unit for geriatric and psychiatric patients. People that get put in this unit may require a little bit more attention from the doctors and nurses than the rest. However, the music therapists meet with all four units almost every weekday.

In the unit I described above, there is very often a very diverse group that comes in. Patients may have very different levels of functioning or interests. So, transfer this outside of the BHC. You may find yourself with a group (small or large) that is difficult to meet all the needs of its participants. In this case, consider music videos.

Music videos are a great way to address mood elevation when you have some patients with low or unclear cognitive capabilities. It does not require a great deal of discussion (though you do have this option if you think it is appropriate to your group). Create a playlist on your iPod that is specific to that group and full of music videos (you will need to watch them all the way through to ensure that they are clean). I will soon post a couple videos to add to your collection that are an absolute hit at the BHC.

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