Thursday, May 20, 2010

A clean-up song that Barney never sang

One of the children I work with regularly has some difficulty cleaning up. In fact, many children will start wailing in protest if you tell them to pick up after themselves. I wanted to figure out a way to integrate a clean-up activity into my music therapy sessions. That is where this song comes in.

Song lyrics and chords.


Task Analysis:
1) Scatter scarves around the room, and place basket in front of you as you sit with children.
2) Instruct one child to start picking up scarves and putting them in the basket when the music begins. They must sit down when the music ends.
3) Play song that is given above. Offer reinforcement throughout the activity.
4) When song ends and child is seated, count with the group how many scarves were picked up. You can also choose to review colors at this time.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each child.
6) End the activity by discussing other things you might pick up (toys, clothes, books, Easter eggs). Talk about how important it is to clean up when your parents tell you to. Tell them to challenge themselves next time by seeing how fast they can pick up their things.

1) Other objects that can work in this activity include shaker eggs and streamers.
2) If you feel this is appropriate for your group, more than one child can collect things at one time.
3) Be careful doing this activity if your client has any physical limitations.

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