Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Five: Music videos of this decade

I think music videos have an important place in music therapy. Not only are they a great tool for relaxation and mood elevation, but they can be great for song discussions. For example, I posted recently on the video Who I Am by the Jonas Brothers and its goal of improving self concept in adolescents. These videos from the 2000s below are similarly great for addressing positive thinking, coping skills, changes, and self-respect.

1. Shine by Laura Izibor

Positive thinking, active change, coping skills, mood elevation When you're feeling stuck in life, think positively and make an active change.

2. Something Beautiful by NeedToBreathe

Positive thinking, coping skills, mood elevation In a life that can often be overwhelming, look to things that are good.

3. King Of Anything by Sarah Bareilles

Positive thinking, self-concept/respect No one can control you. You are your own great, awesome person.

4. Breathe by Ryan Star

Positive thinking, coping skills, mood elevation When life is difficult, take a step back and breathe. This video shows some of the many that lost their jobs in the recession. And they're still smiling.

5. Smile by Uncle Kracker

Positive thinking, mood elevation, coping skills Enjoy the things you love.

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